Craig Schnurr-Howsam

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  • CSEP-CPT Certified.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from University of Regina.
  • Diploma in Recreation & Community Development from Sask Polythechnic (Saskatoon).
  • First Aid & CPR/AED-C Certified.

Personal biography

  • Craig has always been active in one form or another. While he did not grow up with team sports, he swam and cycled at an early age. He had dabbled in the gym in his early teens, but not till after a grade 12 swimming class in high school did he realize his physique needed to change. The next day, during lunch break, he began his adventure in the gym. He quickly decided he wanted to work in the health and fitness field and started to investigate post-secondary education opportunities to further his knowledge. Right out of high school he went to Mount Royal in Calgary for personal training certification, however, he had not developed the study skills needed to succeed. Craig worked various jobs over the years, but he decided he wanted to further his education. He enrolled in Sask Polytech, obtained his diploma in Recreation & Community Development, and proceeded to the U of R to obtain his degree in Kinesiology. .
  • Craig has spent 17 years of his life in the gym, he loves the atmosphere and considers it his second home. He hopes to coach people in the gym how to work out safely, get results and in turn feel the gym as their second home just as he does.
  • No matter your health/fitness goals ask for Craig and schedule a FREE consultation today.

Contact info

Speak with the Fitness Club Manager to coordinate an appointment today. See front desk for details. Email: